Game preserve Biely Potok is located in Trenčín in the district of Považská Bystrica in the administrative territory of the municipalities Tŕstie and Pružina in an altitude of about 400 m. According to hunting regionalization it belongs to hunting area for deer breeding J III Strážovské vrchy, subarea Strážov. Total area of game preserve is 246 ha, of which forests occupy 204 ha / 83% / and agricultural land / meadows and pastures / 42 ha / 17% /.

In the forests 57% represent hardwoods and 43% conifers. The dominant tree species is beech with 57%, followed by pine / 30% / and spruce 13%. The climate is in the temperate region. The geological structure is the triassic dolomites and limestone with abundant admixture of shale belonging to Choč nappe. From the hunting point of view it is an extremely attractive location with places of almost inaccessible terrain and rocky gorges.