The purpose and objective

Biely Potok a.s. is engaged in the intensive farming of deer of original Carpathian subspecies / Cervus elaphus montanus / derived from the finest natural habitats in order to improve and preserve the gene pool of this animal species.

Basic deer herd consists of the main breeding deer originating in the Carpathian area in Romania and does originating in Hungary. This quality genetic basis together with superior care, either in nutrition or veterinary, gives production estimates of exceptional quality species of the original Carpathian subspecies of red deer. Proof of this is the young deer born already in the game preserve Biely Potok, whose antlers already in the first year achieve above-average values. The bearers of quality genes are also young doe already coming from our fields. A necessary condition for quality breeding is consistent records of all animals recorded in the registration cards that allow us to know the origin of every single piece of farmed game and use this in further planning of breeding the Carpathian deer.

Deer are kept separately in created compartments divided by age and sex.

In the basic (i.e. farming) field is farmed the main deer and about 30-40 adult does. This ensures mating only from the finest deer and its eventual exhaustion is protected having consequences in the quality of its antlers or offspring.

In the generational game preserve I. are bred young deer, which are like calves at the end of year weaned from their mothers and their isolation ensures feeding and nutrition focused on the growth of bones and physical structure.

In the generational game preserve II. are bred deer from 3 years of age. For these is food and feed focused on growth of antlers, as the skeleton and body are already sufficiently developed, and their growth is completed.

Large hunting preserve – in this preserve are discharged individuals selected for hunting purposes.